Our group

Group focus in our Energy and Technical solutions remain on our customers – whether it is providing high efficiency, cost effective installations independently or structured within service solutions.

Mansfield Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd (MRAC)

Mansfield Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd (MRAC), a subsidiary of the Medetcrown Group, together with MCL Energy, is an integral part of our commercial building services and industrial energy and technical services proposition offering air conditioning, refrigeration and process cooling & water chillers.

MRAC provide Design, Install, Service and Maintenance to a number of blue chip and distinguished customers such as Kier & Sheffield City Council, Node4, Nottinghamshire Police Authority, PepsiCo Walker, Stamford Endowed Schools and Westfield UK.

sales@mrac.uk.com / Telephone 01623 747716 / www.mrac.uk.com

Medetcrown Ltd

Medetcrown Ltd is the parent company of both MCL Energy and Mansfield Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd (MRAC).

Medetcrown provides the strategic group umbrella for both companies to operate in the energy and technical markets.