TB Ramsden Steam Decentralisation Completed

TB Ramsden Steam Decentralisation Completed

The site has been served by MCL Energy since 2006 when the heating to the factory, warehouses and offices was provided by a coal fired (yes coal fired!) steam boiler under a steam boiler house management contract format. 

The ageing steam boiler which was over 35-years old was beginning to fail in service causing disruption so In summer 2017 MCL Energy carried out a feasibility study in consulation with the customer and provided a decentralised heating solution that would acheive payback in 7-months!

The works were undertaken by our in-house commercial installation team and comprised the supply of crimped site natural gas infrastructure, 7-new Powrmatic 140kW floor standing warm air heaters and connection to mains natural gas metering plus optimiser heater controllers for each area to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Each production or warehousing area has sub-metered gas supplies so the customer can indentify exactly how much fuel, cost and emissions the newly installed plant is using.

The project was completed within 3-4 weeks and to budget and the customer is very pleased with the heat levels and occupancy comfort levels which are greatly improved over the old steam matrix heater systems.

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