Hired-In heating plant

We have our own containerised gas-fired boiler plant of up to 500kW output which can be utilised on our boiler plant replacement schemes at a competitive commercial rate and also should a clients boiler plant catastrophically fail in service we are able to have the container transported to site and piped into existing services within 48-hours usually.

On plant upgrade or replacement projects this means a continuation of services whilst new plant is being installed and in the event of existing plant failure it can ensure buildings and facilities remain functional as required.

Recent example of in use application

One of our Leisure Centre clients needed to replace ageing, inefficient heating and hot water plant used for heating the main pool, learner pool, showers and building located in Lincolnshire. The plant replacement was given approval alongside the hire of temp plant during the project phase to maintain service and ensure the centre did not have to close whilst project to remove existing 40-year old plant and replace with new 620kW Ideal Imax plant was completed.

MCL arranged for delivery of our hired in boiler plant and ten connections to mains natural has, heating mains flow and returns and electrical connections to power the containerised plant. The connections [along with project works] were all completed by MCL’s installation team on time and on budget. With no loss of service to the centre the client was very happy with the overall outcome.

The containerised hire boilers are Hoval Ultragas high-efficiency units complete with independent flues, heating controls, low loss header and connections for any plate heat exchangers if required. We also have a range of flexible hose connections in 3M lengths to make sure we can connect to existing building heating mains where necessary.

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