More than simply your maintenance support provider

When the Company started our first contracts were steam boiler maintenance and systems support based and to this day we continue to operate within the specialist market place. This is why our steam boiler maintenance, steam boiler operations and maintenance are based on almost 4 decades of practical and extensive experience. We provide a variety of contract formats to suit each organisation and can range from annual strip downs for insurance compliance to fully inclusive design, build, finance and operation contracts.

We focus on prevention by scheduling timely planned preventative programmes to minimise the need for reactive maintenance. Our multi-skilled steam engineers respond in normal and emergency situations and our services can include the following elements:

Steam plant support services including;-

  • Daily operation of steam plant 
  • Annual preparation for insurance inspections
  • Combustion service and support
  • Water Treatment services
  • Periodic PPM visits [daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/bi-annul/annual]
  • Ad-hoc or inclusive callout response [facilitated by 24/7/365 bureau monitoring]
  • Chargeable breakdown and repairs
  • Installation works [pipes/valves/weld repairs/economiser installation/boiler installations/energy centre builds etc.]
MCL Energy