Maintenance, service and 24/7 support for your commercial gas heating systems

With our experience and a highly skilled workforce we can ensure all commercial gas heating plant and associated systems are maintained in a timely manner and to correct standards. We provide frequencies of PPM visits from an annual service support contract to quarterly or monthly attendance and can include a variety of equipment from condensing LPHW boiler plants from 25kW to 10,000kW in size usually gas, LPG or oil fired. Alongside boilers we can maintain air handling systems, pumps, pressure vessels, valves, plate heat exchangers and heating distribution pipework and systems. We also provide building management system (BEMS) service and support. Our solutions can support your organisation in the following ways

  • Heating services: (all boilers makes, types and fuels) to include agreed PPM from annual visit through to monthly attendance dependent upon your requirements.

  • 24-7 callout: Where applicable [hospitals/residential schools/critical manufacturing sites for example] we provide an out of hours call emergency callout facility for clients.

  • Installation: (boilers, pumps, pipeworks, gas infrastructure). We provide boiler installations, warm air heater installations, full plant room design and build to ensure your buildings are specified correctly.

  • Hired-In heating plant: We have our own containerised gas-fired boiler plant of up to 500kW output which can be utilised on our boiler plant replacement schemes at a competitive commercial rate and also should a clients boiler plant catastrophically fail in service we are able to have the container transported to site and piped into existing services within 48 hours usually. On plant upgrade or replacement projects this means a continuation of services whilst new plant is being installed and in the event of existing plant failure it can ensure buildings and facilities remain functional as required.

  • Combustion services: All manner of burners from Riello/Nuway/Weishaupt etc.

  • Finance of installed plant: Provision of capital based on service lease period for off balance sheet funding of heating plant systems.

  • Building Energy Management systems (BEMS) service and support: Whether these be Trend or Siemens for example we are able to facilitate service, repairs and replacements.

  • Energy Efficiency support: general guidance comes as part of our service to include heat loss modelling to ensure correctly sized and output plant in place, change over from fuels [LPG to Natural gas for example or oil to natural gas including site works].
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