Air Conditioning Preparation for Warmer Periods

Air Conditioning Preparation for Warmer Periods

When the days start getting longer and the temperature's begin to rise, it's a sure sign that warmer weather is on its way.

That means it will soon be time to turn to one of your best investments during the warmer months - your  air conditioning or chiller systems.

However, if your air conditioner or chiller units have been sitting idle throughout the colder months, then it may have been collecting leaves, dust and debris, and its running parts may need a pre-season service.

You don't want to be stuck in the warmer months with a unit that's not well-maintained. And if you cross your fingers, hope for the best and neglect your investment, you could face repair bills, higher energy bills, insufficient cooling or possibly have to replace the unit.

So before you turn on your units, you need to make they are warmer weather-ready with a bit of servicing. Regular maintenance is a sensible habit to get into, resulting in a well-functioning system, a healthier work environment and lower energy bills.

Let’s start with the basics. A central air conditioning system has two main units. A condenser, usually located outdoors, and evaporator, mounted on the air handler or battery. Together these extract heat from office or room air through refrigeration technology. The air handler blows the chilled and dehumidified air through ductwork to your workplace areas.

  • Filters – these reduce the amount of dust released into the air. Filters are rectangular in shape and can be easily removed from the indoor unit.
  • Ducting – round tubes responsible for the distribution of cool or heated air to the rooms, usually located in the ceiling.
  • Thermostat – a small box mounted near the indoor unit that lets you change or set the indoor temperature.
  • Registers – these grilles are the inserts in the ceiling or floor that deliver air into your home, or can return re-heated air into a room.

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