Offices make a welcome return for employees home working

Offices make a welcome return for employees home working

Now that the Covid pandemic is under improved control by measures we have all taken over these past 12-months along with the UK Vaccine program success we can look at how offices and associated buildings can be brought back into full operation for occupancy.

Along with guidelines from our trade partners we have put together a checklist which can be considered for bringing office buildings previously not used back into service for the Spring/Summer 2021.

  • Firstly ensure any hot water systems which may have showering facilities have been checked for legionella compliance.
  • Also air handling systems previously mothballed can be brought back into service with a system run and new panel and bag filters for clean air and system efficiency.
  • Any hot water or heating plant can also be serviced for gas compliance [these systems compliance may have been overlooked during Covid home working guidance] to ensure systems are safe for use.

Whilst the list is not exhaustive it will be prudent to have checks undertaken by a competent service provider and whilst there may be many more home workers whom will stay at home working equally there will be many folk returning into the office space for working looking ahead.

If you need further guidance please just ask via our links, we are happy to help and stay safe!

For further advice please contact us via email or telephone (01623) 741940 to see how we can help deliver maintenance & support services for your organisation.

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